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Social Media Promotion 101

We are all using Social Media

Most everyone uses Facebook, most of us have Twitter and Instagram, Tumblr, Pintrest, and a host of other “social media feeds”. We use them to keep in touch with family and friends. Follow current events and news. Explore new techniques. Search for inspiration. Or in my case, take up time while waiting for the water to boil for coffee!!

Letting your friends, family and contacts on social media know that you have art for sale is easy. You are already alerting them to upcoming gallery shows, or which art fairs you are exhibiting. You are doing that aren’t you?


Using Facebook as an example, you can like a post, comment on a post, and share a post. Anytime you do any of these tasks, your “followers” get notification of the action. This is powerful. In a perfect example, you post, share, or like something, your followers see that, they in turn, like, comment, share and start a cycle of Co-Promotion. It is free, organic and being spread by friends, friends of friends and friends of friends of friends.

Here is a screenshot of a post by one of our Modus Art Gallery.net artists Ryan Roxbury. Ryan does a great job of keeping his followers informed of his works in progress, locations to see him in person, as well as announcing his work for sale with Modus Art Gallery.net. We have liked it, commented on it, shared it to personal and business sites and Ryan’s other followers will do the same thing.

Artist using social media

Artist post on Facebook

The important thing is to stay be active on the social media feeds. Experts suggest daily posts, to keep your feeds fresh and relevant. This is especially important if you are using a facebook as a web presence.

In Summary

Keeping active on social media will help your business, and help drive your on line art sales with Modus Art Gallery.net. Co-Promotion is critical to create traffic to the Modus Art Gallery.net site, which will increase our rankings on Google, which will help art buyers get to our/your art to consider for on line purchase.

If you need help navigating the tasks outlined in this post, we can help. There are many on line tutorials that can be helpful too. You can always seek assistance from a teenager, they are experts in all things social media.

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